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reset your life
Making a big change in your life takes a lot of commitment, it’s true, but there are times when that change is just so incredibly good for you that it’s worth taking the time and effort to make it happen.
For me, that’s what discovering clean eating was. It was the change that made so much sense, that even the hard parts seemed easier… and I can tell you now that it will make just as much sense to you, if you’re looking for a change.
Our modern world is a rough place - there’s so much pressure to perform at work, in our families, in our lives, that our health and well-being often fall to the bottom of our priority list in pursuit of our next achievement - or our next “to-do”. But what good are all those awards, all that recognition, if we’re suffering, physically, mentally, spiritually?
It makes no sense to me that we should sacrifice our health and wellness for our busy to-do list.

So how do we change that? How do we live in this modern world, with all its pressures, and still feel strong, healthy and happy, comfortable and content?

Adopting a clean eating lifestyle isn’t just about yet another fad diet that promises to make us skinny - it’s a way of life that promises better health all around, from the inside out. When you start eating clean, you start living clean, and suddenly, you realize that all that pressure you’re under might just be manageable after all.

When you sign up for this 21-day reset your life program, you get:

4 weekly Info-packed Ebooks: Every week, you’ll get an Ebook packed with information and tips to help you get the most out of this program and reset your life.

This 21-day reset your life program… designed to help you build your relationships with your loved ones, feel satisfied, find happiness, fulfillment in all the great things you’ve accomplished and overcome.

Each eBook gives day-by-day information and homework, making it easy for you to NOT get overwhelmed by the changes you are going to make in body, mind, and spirit.

Dan Peña once said “Man’s biggest burden is his unfulfilled potential”

[I’m so impressed with the results! I’ve been struggling for years with joint pains and I thought I was going to be stuck on these pills forever, but I’ve almost completely stopped taking them. Everything just feels like it’s working better, you know? Joints, gut, brain, everything. I never want to go back to feeling crappy all the time again. – Shawn S.]
[It’s been about five years since I was diagnosed with anxiety and I thought, ok, that’s it, I have anxiety, that’s my life now. It sucked, but it is what it is, right? I never would have thought that changing the food I eat would make such a huge difference. I feel GOOD! I feel STRONG! I feel like I am in control of my life again, and that’s a really big deal for me. – Mike J.]

What you get…

Each eBook gives day-by-day information and homework, making it easy for you to NOT get overwhelmed by the changes you are going to make in body, mind, and spirit.
  • Week 1: Mindful Cleansing which focuses on clearing out old patterns and creating new life-changing habits to transform and reset your life from the ground up.
  • Week 2: Wholesome Body which is the core foundation of resetting your life and fueling it with proper nutrition.
  • Week 3 Soul Nourishment which takes soul-healing to a whole new, deeper level to renew your life completely.
  • ​A 21-day goal-oriented calendar  keep you on schedule and getting the results you desire.
  • ​Personal Food Diary: It's the first step to mindful eating and a key component of long-term success for anyone looking to shed a few pounds.
  • ​2 RECIPE GUIDES: 21-Day Recipe Guides (Omnivore and Vegan versions): Nourishing planned, these delicious recipes are an unbeatable ticket to a healthier future for you. Not everyone’s an omnivore.
  • ​Get the best of both worlds with two recipe guides – one for omnivores and one for veggie lovers. All of the same materials, none of the animal byproducts.

​Bonus Guide: 

Healthy, Lasting Rituals for long-lasting results because the journey doesn’t end here.  

  • 5 Helpful Things You Can Do to Cleanse Your Mind: Cleanse your mind along with your body.
  • Your Monthly Go-To Affirmations Guide: Affirmations are everything! Affirm with positive juju and get happy!
  • 7 Yummy Snacks that Pack an Energizing Punch: Get healthy and increase your energy with these delicious treats.
  • ​Three Simple At-Home Exercises to Calm Your Body: Zen, Zen, and more Zen! From the comforts of your home, you’ll learn how to activate the calm mode.
  • ​Your Healthy Gratitude Attitude Journal: Happiness begins with being grateful, learn how to be thankful, and journal daily.
  • ​10 Soulful Activities to Bring You Joy: Nourish the soul as much as the body and increase your joy.
  • ​Create Your Healthy-tasting Ritual for Long-term Happiness: It doesn’t end after three weeks, gets long-term results.

All of this for only $97.

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